A day in the life of Nurse Practitioner Dawn Roberts

Nurses undertake many roles in the GP surgery so I would like to give you an insight into a typical day for me.

I have worked in the practice for nearly 28 years initially as a Practice Nurse until undergoing further training to become a Nurse Practitioner. This involved a 3 year degree course covering things like clinical examination, history taking and diagnostic skills plus further training and exams to be able to prescribe.

I work 37.5 hours a week over 4 days which is from 8:30 am until 6:30pm excluding lunch.

A typical day starts with me arriving at the surgery at around 8:15 am which allows me time to check any test results which may have been sent overnight before my first patient arrives at 8:30am. This means if there is anything that needs urgent attention it can be dealt with straight away.

I then will have a surgery running until 1pm which will include seeing a variety of patients. These can be Diabetes patients for regular reviews and follow ups, which can include discussions about healthy eating and exercise, follow up appointments for patients previously seen and some same day appointments for patients who have been assessed as needing an appointment that day. Being assessed by the doctor means that patients see the person most qualified to deal with their particular problem, for instance I have a special interest in sexual health and have undergone extra training in this area.

My afternoon surgery starts at 2:30pm, this time between surgeries gives me time to write referral letters, check mail such as letters from hospital clinics, A&E attendances and file and deal with all my results and grab a quick lunch. There will also be a few telephone consultations as well. I also have responsibility as the practice diabetes lead which involves working alongside a health care assistant and an administrative staff member to deliver an effective service.

I then have a surgery from 2:30-6:30 pm which will be similar to the morning surgery.
After a long day if the weather is good you will often see me trying to fit in a quick bike ride around Whicham Valley before going home for my evening meal.

Picture shows Nurse Practitioner Dawn Roberts at St Bees at the start of a 50 mile sportive

Nurse Practitioner on her bike


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