Be back-to-school smarter – think pharmacy first

Your local pharmacists can help with a range of minor ailments that you and your family may experience during the ‘back to school’ period.

Many people visit their GP surgeries at this time of year with issues relating to coughs, colds and head lice; all of which can be dealt with as part of the Minor Ailment Scheme led by pharmacists.

Rachel Street, pharmacist at Rowlands in Millom explained:Millom pharmacist
‘We can provide advice for a wide range of minor conditions, and if you do not normally pay a prescrcharge we can often provide iption suitable treatment free of charge. Using the drop in service to see your local pharmacist is often much quicker than waiting for a GP appointment. We will always see you on the same day and this is usually straight away.” tweet

Mark Griffin, pharmacist at Boots in Millom added:
“We always aim to see people regarding minor ailments. You can simply pop in for this service as no appointment is necessary”. tweet

Dr Charlotte Hattersley, local GP for Millom said:
“Coughs, colds & sore throats are often treated better by the pharmacist than the doctor. So often people don’t need antibiotics and if they went to the pharmacist rather than the doctor they would get advice on what they can do to feel better.” tweet

The two local pharmacies in Millom; Rowlands and Boots were two of the first pharmacies to take part in the minor ailments scheme which is now being rolled out across Cumbria.
Waterloo House GP surgery in Millom has always supported the scheme.

Dr Charlotte Hattersley added:
“We’ve always had a lot of confidence in our local pharmacists and this scheme has allowed the community greater access to their expertise. We work closely with them and they have direct access to us for advice & referral if they need it, but many illnesses don’t need a doctor and the pharmacists are perfectly placed to support people in looking after themselves. This scheme allows the pharmacists to advise and give medication for many self-limiting conditions, in addition to the support they give in other areas such as stopping smoking and ‘flu immunisations. It also means that the GPs are freed up to look after patients with more complex & serious conditions, so everyone wins!” tweet

The service runs throughout the year and covers a wide range of ailments for all ages including; digestive disorders, mouth problems, a range of issues in pregnancy, infections and head lice, nasal and cough congestion, skin allergies and eye irritations.

The pharmacists will always refer you to your GP if more treatment is necessary or if they feel you have a condition that is not covered by the scheme.

Notes to editor: Boots pharmacist Mark Griffin has since left and a new pharmacist is in place at Boots in Millom.

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