GP training- the Millom way!

Fourth Year medical students from Lancaster University are currently on placement at Waterloo House GP Surgery in order to learn the Millom way.

Training in Millom has given the students an opportunity to work in a unique environment where all providers and the community are working together known as the Millom Alliance, to deliver significantly more healthcare locally in a coordinated way. Working within the small rural town has allowed students to experience the personal element of general practice.

Bethan Stephens, 4th Year medical student said:
“The GPs here know their patients, particularly those with chronic conditions. They develop a mutual understanding with these individuals, especially when it comes to deciding on how best to manage their conditions.” tweet

The practice offers innovative learning posts and the unique environment provides students additional opportunities in developing skills in emergency medicine , community based healthcare , end of life care and integrated working .

Bethan Stephens has directly seen the benefit of Millom’s focus on community based care explaining:
“We’ve found it particularly enjoyable seeing patients in their own homes on visits. It creates a different dynamic in the consultation and allows the GP to appreciate the patient’s social circumstances and how they’re coping with their illness.” tweet

Dominic Aubrey-Jones, 4th Year medical student added:
“As the health service moves towards more preventative medicine practiced in the community, it’s important to ensure that trainee doctors gain an appreciation of General Practice and the features that contrast it with hospital medicine.” tweet

The practice prides itself on ensuring placements are valuable and students become involved in the practice team.

Alison Redshaw, Practice manager at Waterloo House Surgery said:
“We have had repeated positive feedback at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Learners particularly welcome the opportunities for personal development and the supportive friendly atmosphere we provide.” tweet

Alongside the medical students, Waterloo House GP practice offers placements for foundation level doctors and specialist registrars.

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