Public kindness help the NHS provide the very best for patients

Voluntary donations to the Trusts Charitable Fund are helping to provide the highest level of service and best possible care to its patients.

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust receives donations from the general public, patients and relatives, the league of friends, local businesses and community organisations.

Thanks to these acts of kindness our charitable funds have supported many improvements within Millom hospital and in the local community including investments in new equipment, improving the patient environment, providing staff and service development and to fund specific projects.

The local Beggars theatre in Millom received funding to give an educational comedy production called ‘Sick’ to local school children about how to use NHS services properly.

Jakki Moore, Beggars Theatre in Millom said:
“Charitable funds meant that we were able to work together with Headzup Theatre Co, Gary Bridgens to develop a piece of theatre for schools promoting and educating how to use the NHS wisely. This money was spent on development time, rehearsal and performance. tweet

“This was a great honour for me, coming from Millom, to use the theatre and my expertise to promote the good work our local NHS do and to work in partnership with both the NHS and Millom Alliance.” tweet

The children left the theatre singing the catchy songs from the show reiterating its effectiveness.

Charitable funds have been used to buy various pieces of equipment for Millom hospital including a reminiscence software package ‘My Life’ which provides memory therapy for dementia and neurology patients.

Assistant practitioner at Millom hospital and local dementia friends champion, Vanessa Wilson said:
“Charitable funds meant we could purchase this touch screen interactive system which contains materials to prompt the recollection of good memories including images, radio shows and video clips. tweet

“We hope that this new software will encourage our patients, their families and staff at Millom hospital to interact helping patients to receive more personalised care and to improve mood and wellbeing whilst in the hospital.” tweet

Pauline Preston, Business Manager, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:
“Generous donations from the public, local businesses and the league of friends have enabled us to improve the healthcare services and patient environment within Millom to ensure the best for our patients and the local community. The Trust is always looking for ways to improve healthcare services and these investments mean that this can be done sooner.” tweet

Donations are also used to fund x ray provision in Millom hospital and pay for little extras including a day room TV and a Christmas party for patients.

Sick Play 1


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