New defibrillators will be a lifesaver for Millom

The community of Millom is invited to the unveiling of one of the town’s brand new life-saving defibrillators.

The unveiling will take place at Haverigg Working Men’s Club on June 11th at 1pm.

As part of Better Care Together the Millom Health Action Group and Millom’s Community Paramedic, Claire Morris, have worked together to secure two brand new defibrillators which will be located on Haverigg Main Street and at Millom Rugby club. The defibrillators have been funded by North West Ambulance Service and Millom Community Hospital’s charitable funds were used to pay for the essential cabinets that house them.

Claire Morris explained:
“Defibrillators are small, portable machines which can ‘shock’ a person’s heart into restarting, and if this can be done in the vital first few minutes, patients have a much greater chance of making a full recovery. They are safe, easy to use and talk the user through the process.” tweet

On June 11th at 1pm one of the town’s new defibrillators will be unveiled by Cheryl and John Bird in recognition of her son who sadly died in September last year in Haverigg. All community members are very welcome to join the ceremony at Haverigg Working Men’s Club on the main street in Haverigg.

Cheryl Bird said:
“John and I are both looking forward to opening a defibrillator unit in memory of Andrew. We hope to see lots of people from the community on the day to show support for these vital pieces of equipment!” tweet

To make sure this equipment can be put to good use, Claire Morris, Community Paramedic, will be hosting a training session so that locals can learn how to use the defibrillators along with some additional CPR skills. The training session will take place after the ceremony, and there will also be an opportunity for attendees to sign up for a full Heartstart course.

Claire Morris added:
“Immediate CPR and early defibrillation are crucial steps in saving someone’s life if they suffer a cardiac arrest. As time is of the essence, by learning how to perform CPR and having a defibrillator in your community means you could save a life. Please come along on the day and help your ambulance service and help your community.” tweet

 Dr John Howarth, Director of Service Improvement at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:
‘Millom is once again leading the way. These machines are all automatic and very easy to use. I would encourage as many people to check to know where they are in the town and to take up the offer of free training’. tweet

A very brave Cheryl Bird is also hoping to do a Skydive in order to fund additional defibrillators for the local area.

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