Millom residents shaping the GP surgery

In celebration of National Patient Group Awareness Week Waterloo House GP Surgery Patient Participation Group encouraged local residents to attend a meet and greet session at the surgery.

The day included two drop in sessions where patients and the public were introduced to members of the patient group and learnt more about what they aspire to achieve. Attendees were also given the opportunity to share their own feedback about the surgery and make suggestions for further improvements.

Cllr Felicity Wilson, chairwoman of the Patient Participation Group said:
“The first drop in session was well received by people who came to talk to members of the Patient Participation Group. It wasn’t just a session to talk about things people weren’t happy with but gave an opportunity for constructive suggestions on how things could be improved.” tweet

Alison Redshaw, Practice Manger at Waterloo House GP Surgery said:
“The drop in session was really positive and gave attendees a clearer understanding of the patient group and what they do. tweet

“Along with listening to ideas focused on improving the practice, it was great to receive positive feedback about the changes that have already been put in place since we have been working as part of the Millom Alliance and Better Care Together.” tweet

GP surgery staff including GP’s and nurses came along to the sessions to chat to local residents and hear what they had to say.

Christine Lovell, member of the Patient Participation Group said:
“Mostly patients gave good feedback and this is just as important as the negative. Our doctors are working under very difficult circumstances and good reports make them feel appreciated” tweet

Patient and public feedback collected during informal chats and using suggestions slips highlighted ways to improve the appointment system and also building recommendations.

Following the success of the day and to ensure a transparent relationship between the surgery and the community there are plans for more frequent drop in sessions.

Alison Redshaw added:
“I want to say a big thank you to the patient group for organising and running the event and hope to see the group grow as a result of these sessions.” tweet

All feedback from the day will be discussed at the next Patient Participation Group.

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